Credibility and efficiency are important keys to success for any business. Our staff at Y.C.LIU Engineering make sure these factors are enhanced through our available services which include:


At Y.C.LIU Engineering, we provide options to maximize and to efficiently use the property envelope. We prepare the necessary documents, reports, and drawings to satisfy the various approving authorities.

We provide experience and expertise for all our projects, and we strive to accommodate the needs of any commercial design, whether the project involves a renovation, expansion, or new construction. Our services consist of new construction, as well as renovations for projects such as: Office Designs, Automotive Dealerships, Retail Plazas, Restaurants, Leisure and Recreation Facilities, and small or large Commercial Businesses.


Industrial building design is our specialty at Y.C. Liu Engineering. Our services include: Pre-Engineered Building Designs, Facility Layouts, Foundation Designs for Buildings and Equipment Pits.

We provide complete Structural Design for various construction methods including: Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete, Timber Framing.

Our completed projects include several large scale industrial buildings used in the automotive sector, greenhouse packing facilities, and manufacturing plants.


Encompassing our roots in agriculture, we at Y.C. Liu Engineering have firm knowledge, experience and expertise with the management of Agricultural Building design and its uses. Southwestern Ontario is known for its leading agricultural sector, including its abundance of farms, greenhouses and land supportive of growing fine crops. Whether you operate a small family farm or a large commercial farming operation; we are capable of meeting all your design needs.

Some agricultural buildings we have designed include: facilities for animals (ie. poultry barns and hog facilities), cold storage buildings, bulk storage buildings (ie. for carrots, onions and potatoes), grain storage facilities, tobacco curing buildings, marijuana grow operations, and numerous migrant-worker bunk houses.


At Y.C.LIU Engineering we can assist you in preparing Site Plans for your proposed new development. We offer services in complete Site Plan Preparation, Building and Site Layout, and Design Reports for Stormwater Management, Re-Zoning Applications, Property Surveys, Lot Grading and Site Drainage Plans.

We work closely with our clients and with the approving authorities such as Planning Departments, Engineering Departments, Conservation Authorities, and Building Officials.


At Y.C.LIU Engineering, we can make your ideal residence a reality! Our team of professionals provides innovative design suggestions and alternatives for client comment and revision. Client satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

The planning of one’s residence contributes to their quality of life, and we believe every person should have a design that allows them to fully enjoy their home. We are a team of long-time associates including Engineers and Design Professionals from other disciplines. Above all, the variety of disciplines in our team allows us to offer clients unique and creative ideas that will ensure a home is designed efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our clients.